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Last updated 9 May 2020.

I’ve had many hobby sites over the years, and I’ve given some up along the way for different reasons.

With Dragonsinn.net, I bounced around several times thinking about what I should do with the site.

Since the site has been online for 20+ years, I thought I’d try a monthly digital dragon magazine style theme this year as a personal reminder to keep it going.


Dragon Magazine / Blog Monthly Themes

You could call it a dragon magazine, blog, or ezine (or a hybrid of the three!). The themes aren’t set in stone — they’re mostly there to serve as reference when it comes to curating or sharing dragon-related information. I’m using them as a guideline to keep things more organized.

I scribbled down some ideas over the weekend, so here are the themes for the monthly blog updates.

  1. JanuaryAround the Home (dragon paintings and “stuff” you own)
  2. Feb – Design
  3. March – Celebrity/Fashion
  4. April – Bruce Lee (coming soon — will catch up on backlog…drafts saved during quarantine!)
  5. MayFood + Drink
  6. June – Modern Dragon Art
  7. July – Classical Dragon Art
  8. August – Jewelry
  9. September – Jade
  10. October – Books
  11. November – Tattoos
  12. December – Around the World
  13. Jan 2021 – Dragon Stamps

If you would like to contribute a dragon-related poem, quote, personal story (what you like about dragons), photo, or share the link to a social media post, send them in! Again, the themes are not set in stone so don’t worry if what you’d like to share doesn’t fit into that month’s theme. As long as it’s about dragons, it’s all good.

And since I mentioned social media, is there one you like using in particular?

I have a Pinterest account (@dragonsinn) which was abandoned for several months (recently reactivated). I’m not a heavy user of the other social media platforms as I find it more mentally peaceful to limit my usage of them. I still like communicating old-school style via email 🙂

Alrighty, now to put together the first couple of issues for Jan (retroactive) and February. 🐲

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