Dragon Poems, Part 2


Part 2 of poems transferred over from the old website.

Featuring poems by Island Princess, J. M. Smith, and Bill Wescott.

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1. Draco Bizarro

He was mighty strong and fierce
yet he had a gentle heart.
Deep dark pools of passion reflected from his eyes.
Telling tales from his barren soul
the living breathing source of his very existence.
He lived on the edge as if there was no tomorrow,
afraid of life yet more afraid not to live to its fullest.
Raw emotions giving way to heartfelt feelings,
soft delicate words once whispered upon her ear.
Telling of his adoration, desire and lust.
This mighty Dragon baring his soul, giving his all, his complete self.
Trusting in love letting down all his guards and defenses,
she takes his hopes, dreams and compassion and crushes them in a
moments breath with one flap of her wings.
Leaving this majestic being alone within himself.
His heart crying out for love, dying with every beat.
This Draco Bizarro was once mighty, strong and fierce.
But, he had a gentle heart……

Copyright © 1999 Island Princess….All Rights Reserved

2. Encounter

Like fresh salty foam of deep blue ocean
She laid worshiping the brave, bright sun
Heat engulfing all her body, skin smoothed in gorgeous tan
Glowing beautiful and lovely upon her tropical throne.

He saw her from miles up high, gazing her shadow so bright
Invading her private moments, with nature her time of love
he descended through the clouds, savoring her rising lust
soaring down upon her, this winged creature from above.

Now aware of his rare flight, danger in the horizon,
she couldn’t withdraw her eyes from such powerful a presence
body tensed and loins protected, with fear turning to emotions
both minds united in time, space, and in bare essense.

Mighty shadow blocks the sun; potent fear, love, confusion
Gripping stare now deep inside her, wonder of eyes beyond
Pierce her heart with keen desire, doubt, all in fusion
Instant hate turning to passion, the great hunger for the unknown.

Downard swoop gathers her soul, heart, mind and all her limbs
Nestling her close to his heart, sweetly sharing her own beat
Soaring off to golden places, high and far on dragon’s wings
Love making in the horizon, between clouds of intense heat.

Settling down behind the sun, a new world has begun
This galient creature and his lovely mate..the mother of all.

Copyright © 1999 Island Princess….All Rights Reserved

3. Dragon Days

there’s a creature in a cave unknown
sleeping in a sleep that looks quite deep
in comes a man
sword up drawn and ready to slay.
A piece falls beneath his feet
the creature awakes with its mighty wings aspread
with a mighty roar and a burst of flame the man falls to death
the creature walks out of the cave
its mighty wings aspread
it soars into the air on the hunt
longing for the fresh taste of mutton
the prey is spotted and the hunger is growing
the shepard is gone and the the creature strikes
the flock is gone and the shepard is back
the creature flies and is gone
which a dragon calls a day
is this.

~ © 2003 J. M. Smith

4. Dragon of the hunted

I am a dragon of might and power.
I’ve watched you grow through every hour.
Now you seek to kill me,
you just won’t leave me be.

Yes there are times I’d like to die,
but then I think,
never again would I fly.
Someday when you are old,
and you are not so bold.
by me you shall die,
and on the ground you will lie.

~ © 2003 J. M. Smith (first poem concerning dragons)

5. Dragon Friendship

On wings of thunder
Honor bound
Search me out, I drum the sound
Twist and turn in the night
Dragon come, my guiding light.
Protector, guardian, friend not foe
Come to me, see my sigil glow.
Strong and true this friendship charm
I beckon thee, keep me from harm.
Around and about your magick swirls
Come to me
Your wings unfurled.

~ © 2000 Bill Wescott | all rights reserved

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