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Worm, Wurm, Wyrm Dragon Facts

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Dragonet | Drake | Faerie | Lindworm | > Wyrm

swamp wyrm
"The Swamp Wyrm"
Copyright Jeff Lee Johnsen.

1. Wyrms resemble gigantic serpents, crawling on their bellies without legs or wings.

2. Their lack of limbs should not lead to underestimation, as their snapping jaws and powerful tails are more than adequate to dispatch all but the strongest.

3. Wyrms are of European origin.

4. Found mainly in England and the Northern territories.

5. Have a layer of hard, protective scales.

6. Wyrms like to live in watery depths. They also like to coil around things, like hills.

7. The Lambton Worm was drawn out of a well, and was said to dwell in Lambton Hall after cursing the heir(s) to the Lambton castle.

8. Scatha the Worm, was a mighty long worm dragon of the Grey Mountains. Scatha is in the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien.

9. Wyrms are associated with all round mean-ness.

10. "Worm" is often used as a derogatory term to dragons, so be selective with its usage.

11. No wings, and usually no limbs.

12. Can rejoin themselves if cut into pieces.


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