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Dragon Quotes, Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher

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"Sentinel"|© Chris Achilleos

And when the draclings hatch, the sire-drake roars so as to tremble the earth. He spirals into the sky; he looses the wind and the thunder and the hail. Nor keeps the dam- drake silence, but, abandoned, wails most piteously; and thus abates the storm.
~ The Bok of Dragon

To play host to the farin [green-eyed girl] is to warm the wolf at your hearth.
~ Elythian proverb

In the old times there flew into the hills of Elythia two dragons. A storm arose; they sought shelter in a mountain cave. The dam, being heavy with eggs, there laid her clutch. Yet finding a village of men too near, the dragons flew on, to return at the hatching, a century hence. And ever after the village was called Wyrmward, Shelter of Dragons.
~ Elythian legend

And sith the sire-drake be scarlet-hued, he dare not tarry in the lands held by men, but must hie him away when the clutch is hatched.
~ The Bok of Dragon

Bargain not with a dragon.
~ Dragonslayer's Guyde

If you would seek out dragons, seek first for a green-eyed girl.
~ Dragonslayer's Guyde

Six pewter spoons, two sheep, one leather boot, four apples, one ox-yoke, one ox, one leather jerkin, seventeen fish, one pair linen trousers, five anchor-weight crushed limestone.
~ Being the contents of the stomach of a dragon slain near Rog, A Historie of Dragons

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