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Dragon Quotes, Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher

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And dragons, being kin to avian beings, oft commune with birds, and eat not the flesh of thereof.
~ The Bok of Dragon

For let a man knead pitch and fat and straw into gobs; and with these let him temte the fire-drake: so will the foule beast eat and burst to smithers.
~ Dragonslayer's Guyde

Into the sky
The dragon doth fly
A terroe of flame, fang, and coil.
Yet soon all below
The dragonpods grow
And fruitful becomes the burnt soil.
~ Anonymous, From the archives of Rog

Yet herein lies the peril: as the falcon finds the dragon, the dragon feels the finding.
~ Dragonslayer's Guyde

Children! Obedient as hungry dragons!
~ Common parental lament, Kragrom

Dark Dsurion

"Dark Dsurion"| © Ciruelo Cabral

For the breaking of a bladder stone: tayke one
gallipot of dragon's blood and mingle therein the
juice of seven pommefruits. Strayne through
fine-woven cloth and let stand in a warm place.
Quaff therefrom until the brew is wholly drunk,
or until one moon-turn haws passed.
~ Bok of Medik

Yet often as the falcon nears, the dragon stills its thoughts, and thus confounds the bird.
~ Dragonslayer's Guyde

All creatures bleed the same blood, be they man or be they beast. Our fates are intermingled. Wheresoever spills the blood of any of earth's creatures, there spills the blood of man.
~ Private Journals, Landareth

Into man's domain,
To this high terrain
Where the spume of the sea circles round,
Through the northern sky,
Dragonkyn shall fly
When a girl with green eyes calls us down.
~ Dragon to Kara, The Promise,
A drama in three acts.

Dragon Quotes, Pern Series