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Copyright Notice

Thanks for reading this.

1. All material is copyright © Dragonsinn/Jess C Scott unless stated otherwise.

2. If you want to use my material for a website, no problem.
Just provide a link back as the reference.

3. Please ask the respective artists/authors for their permission if you want to use their works on your website. You can also read and check their respective copyright policies online.

I've asked many for their permission (I did my best), or sent a note about the image displayed. If they allow their work to be displayed on their own official websites ONLY, I provide a link under artist links instead. This is done out of respect for the artist/s and their work.


I've tried to credit all the sources I've used, though I despise formal academic referencing.
[I'm just not one of those types ;)].

Regarding the whole shebang on Plagiarism:

Using your own words is important because the info will be presented in a fresh perspective for your paper/project/etc.

You'll also become better-versed with the wonderful world and subject of dragons. This is a good thing for you, as well as your brain.

Enjoy your stay at Dragonsinn =)