Dragon Sculptures and Carvings


This is a continuation of dragon carving photos that were transferred over from the old website.

The first photo show a dragon carving on a wall at Mount Faber Park in Singapore.


I remember taking this photo when I passed by a temple in Singapore…I forgot the name and location as it’s been more than a decade ago!

If you know where it is, please contact me.


These are pictures from a temple I visited in Penang in 1999/2000.

Check out the many heads on the third image.

* * * 2019 UPDATE * * *

A visitor kindly informed me that the two dragon photos below are from the Reclining Buddha Wat Chaiyamangalaram temple, which houses the reclining Buddha.

A Buddhist Thai monk established Wat Chaiyamangalaram in the year 1845. New buildings along with attractions were added over time.

The temple’s most well-known feature is a 108 feet (33 meter) long Reclining Buddha statue which is housed within the main shrine.

The second photo of the globe with 2 Kilins / Qilin dragons with wings is of the Dharmikarama Burmese temple opposite the Reclining Buddha Wat.

Dharmikarama Burmese Temple is the only Burmese Buddhist temple that is situated outside of Myanmar.

A big thank you to Mr Laihun Ong, tourist guide in Penang, for sharing the information!




These three photos are newer photos of the same dragons above (my photos were taken in the year 2000).

As you can see, the dragons have been freshly repainted and have more touches of gold and a vibrant sheen.

The photos were taken by Garen Leong, young panda, and kojikojiko.

Over here, we see a photograph of an Imperial Dynasty Empress Chair (Ming Dynasty).


It was brought to the US by a private collector in the 1920’s — a doctor and his wife collected rare items from Asia.

Thanks to site visitor David Wayne for sending in the image.

Last but not least is a unique dragon playground in Singapore.

It was first designed in 1979 and can be found at Toa Payoh.

Thanks to site visitor HL for taking this shot!


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