Story Submissions


Template for Personal Stories 

Would you like to share your story on why you like dragons, or what they represent to you? Read on…

What’s the point of this?

For the 2018 version of, I thought it’d be nice to feature stories and original submissions from visitors.


Topics include:

  • What you like about dragons
  • Dragon dreams you’ve had (and any associated meanings)
  • Special experiences (e.g., reading a dragon picture book with your child)
  • Story behind your dragon tattoo or design
  • Something else you’d like to share with fellow dragon lovers

How long should my submission be?

100 to 1,000 words. You can attach 1-3 pictures if you like.

Do I have to use this template?

Nope. But it’s here in case you need some help organizing your thoughts 😛

Template Format

  • Your Name and Brief Description of Yourself (e.g. your profession; something interesting about you; some of your hobbies)
  • Your personal dragon story (and what you cherish about it)
  • Website or Social Media Links

Example from Template


Great, I’m done. Where do I send my story?

Send in email or attachment to jess AT dragonsinn DOT net

Include “story submission” or something similar in the subject line.

Looking forward to your story!