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Wyvern Pictures

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Wyvern seal

[full size] Probable 15th or 16th century seal. Creature on left appears to be a wyvern. Found by the Weekend Wanderers

wood wyvern carving

Wood carving of the wyvern badge of
Kingswood College.


Carlisle City Council

The number of roses on the wyvern's wings is not specified, and official and equally correct reproductions may be seen with either four or six roses on each wing. The motto beneath the arms comes from Wolsey's speech to Cromwell in Shakespeare's Henry VIII and was adopted by the city about 1850.


[full size]

A coloured red version is the Mascot of St. Francis High School, Louisville, Kentucky.


Cumbria County Council

The red dragon refers to those that support the device of Appleby - the ancient county town of Westmorland; also it is heraldically related to the red wyverns of Carlisle and symbolises the connection, going back to Celtic times, between Cumbria and Cambria (Wales).

coat of arms of the US 37th Armor regiment
[full size] Coat of Arms of the US 37th Armor regiment.
From Institute of Heraldry.


West Dorset District

The sea wyverns are appropriate to a district which was once the centre of the Kingdom of Wessex (whose kings used a golden wyvern as their emblem) and with traditional maritime associations. They are gorged with Saxon Crowns as are the dragon supporters in the arms of the Dorset County Council.

midland arms

Midland Railway

Wyvern surmounting the coat of arms at Derby Station.
Photo by chevin

alpha sigma coat of arms

Crest of Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional chemistry fraternity.

dragon school, oxford

Arduus Ad Solem
means "striving towards the sun". Logo of
The Dragon School, Oxford


Wyvern holding a fleur-de-lis (stylised design of an iris flower).

From Dave's Mythical Creatures and Places