Poem: A Dragon’s Life


A new poem from back in 2016!

I was doing a bulk cleanup of my inbox when I noticed this buried away on the last page…

In this post, we feature a poem by Colin L.


  • A Dragon’s Life

1. A Dragon’s Life

Dragon, dragon, from the womb,
Comes the tiny egg-shelled doom.
When sun’s rays give warmth and light,
It bursts from the shell ready to fight.

Dragon, dragon, in the sky,
Look how high up it can fly.
And if instead it should fly down,
In burning ruin shall lie the town.

Dragon, dragon, in the earth,
So vast in size is its great girth.
If it sleeps then all is well,
But when it wakes there’s acrid hell.

Dragon, dragon, naught but bone,
Lying atop its golden throne.
Nature’s rest it’ll never find,
Guarding the treasures of Lich’s kind.

By Colin L.

From the Poet: “Was unpacking boxes of items from my high school days and found this short poem among them. The paper it is on is torn and dirty so I figured I’d save it someplace online for posterity.”

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