Dragon Poems, Part 3


Part 3 of poems transferred over from the old website.

Featuring poems by Jennifer Deal, Tiffany Hrach, and RPL.

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  • Dragon Fountain – Dragon Garden – Flying High My Love – In My Garden by Jennifer Deal
  • Dragon Tears – Fading Dragon by Tiffany Hrach
  • Dragon’s Blood by RPL

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1. Dragon Fountain

Out in the courtyard there is a fountain that’s shaped rather massive,
The body is large, the scales sculpted by an artist,
The face is remarkable, Its eyes follow as people pass it.
The mouth and teeth can be frightening, I’m sure, but everyone loves it, our dragon.

The dragon fountain commands everyone’s attention,
You can’t seem to look away,
Oh, did I mention,
that if you look close enough, the dragon breathes and sways!!

Wild imaginations and children of all ages,
give life to our dragon, like a book with a million pages!!

If you love dragons, and I am sure that you do,
The dragon fountain will make your fondest dreams come true.

© Jennifer Deal

2. Dragon Garden

Amongst my herbs and veggies,
between my rosebush and flowers,
there is a castle made of glass,
with four tiny glass towers.

Inside this pretty castle,
in a big cold room,

Is a princess held captive,
Fated to her doom.

Outside this glass prison,
in the garden that keeps it hidden,
are tiny winged fairies,
that do the queen’s evil bidding.

The girl was surely doomed,
The queen mother locked the princess away,
It was a horrid thing,
Marrying a troll on your birthday.

Every night on the terrace of her room,
The Princess would sing a sad song to the moon and stars,
Oh how she wished she was free to do as she pleased,
Instead of feeling like she was behind bars.
One night not to long before the eve of her birthday,
while she sang her melancholy song,
a young prince flew by on his dragon steed,
To the sweet sad melody he was drawn.
He watched from afar as she sang her heartbreak,
She whispered to the sky ‘How I wish my true love would rescue me’,
The prince knew from the moment he saw her face,
That she was his one true love and they would be free.

Drawing his sword from its sheath and letting out a cry,
The prince and his mighty dragon stormed the castles tower,
Calling to the princess ‘I am here my love!’,
The Fairies fought but were defeated by the dragon’s power.

On the back of the mighty dragon,
They flew away from the glass castle with tiny glass towers,
they went on to live happily ever after,
amongst my garden’s flowers.

© Jennifer Deal

3. Flying High My Love

Deep in the throughs of night,
Hardened by the moon light,
Beats the heart of my love,
soundless wings high above.

My pulse quickens as you get close,
My muscles coil in my pose,
with dark crimson exposed I fly,
So free no need to cry.

We are flying high my love,
The world small from above,
We disappear as we reach the clouds,
They don’t understand what our love is about.

My mighty dragon heart,
our souls shall never part,
We soar forever together,
Our passions feeding each other.

Our laughter blends,
old hurts and wounds mend,
without each other we could never live,
Our hearts and souls to the other we give.

Never shall our love waver or fade,
from the same mold we were made.
We are the future, present and past,
Our love will always last.

We are flying high my love,
dragons in form high above,
Deep in my heart I know it’s true,
The only dragon for me is You.

© Jennifer Deal

4. In My Garden

In my garden late at night,
amongst my flowers,
It is a wondrous sight,
To see mother nature’s awesome powers.
You can see the tiny dragons taking flight,
the fairies helping the flowers grow slightly,
oh how i wish with all my might,
that i may join them nightly.
The crickets play their joyful tune,
The dragons fly and the fairies dance,
underneath the light of the moon,
Their laughter puts me in a trance.
I can not move my eyes away from their show,
I never want them to go away,
when the sun rises they all know,
They must leave to return another day.
Oh how i wish i could watch each and every night,
just to see the dragons and fairies of my dreams take flight.

© Jennifer Deal

5. Dragon Tears

Dragon’s eyes,
Gold and bright,
Shining out
Into the night.
Fire rising
Through the mist,
Lighted by
The sun’s first kiss.
People fleeing,
Full of terror,
Except one girl
With golden hair.
Brave is she,
Strong and bold.
Never bound
To any hold.
Scales of green and gold,
Glittering blue
In the morn,
Shining through.
“Brave are you,
Not to fear me,” says he.
“I will not harm you
You may go free.”
His golden tears
Fell all around.
Dripping softly
to the ground.
“Why do you cry,
Oh Dragon sir,”
The maiden asked
To be quite sure.
“Oh, maiden,
You do not need
To know the problems
Of this weed.”
“But, oh, sweet dragon,”
She touched his nose,
“where there are weeds,
A flower grows.”
“Ah, but maiden,”
He gazed from above.
“When I looked at you,
I fell in love.”

~ © 1997 Tiffany Hrach

6. Fading Dragon

Fire born of Dragon’s breath.
Immortal creature, immune to Death.
Eyes of emerald, gleaming cold.
Claws of Iron, Scales of Gold.

Turns her head to gaze at night.
There is no moon within her sight.
She knows tonight she won’t be found.
Her wings raise her from the ground.

The dark land below drops out of sight.
She soars towards mountains, tall in the night.
But alas, she knows she will soon fade away,
Born of the night, yet dying by day.

Life fills her heart, as the air fills her wings.
And she opens her jaws, and she silently sings,
“Free for the night, wishing for always.”
But the light is dawning with chill morning haze.

Then the pages are closed, and the Dragon is caged.
She is just a memory, there on the page.
And I beg of you reader, free her, my friend.
Open the pages, let this not be the end.

~ © 1997-99 Tiffany Hrach

7. Dragon’s Blood

As I look at him I see him bleed.
As he bleeds he gets weaker till he cannot see any more.
Soon he cannot breathe any more.
The dragon has tears in his eyes,
tears of fear, fear of dying,
and not knowing how it feels to die.

~ © 2005 RPL

By Jess

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. She's been the keeper of Dragonsinn since 1999. She works as a content specialist and enjoys yoga, reading, and design. Join Dragon Mail for printable welcome gifts, giveaways, and a healthy dose of dragon inspiration!