Dragon Poems, Part 7


Part 7 of the collection of dragon poems on the old website.

A reminder that poems are expressions of the soul, so try not to speed read 🙂


  • Here Were Dragons by Adam Gibbs
  • His Death by Amy Anderson
  • Honor Bound by S. Kneeland
  • Little Dragon by Soulefoin
  • Nature by Rachael A. Riley a.k.a themindzi

In this post, we feature the poems of Adam Gibbs, Amy Andersen, S. Kneeland, Soulefoin, and Rachael A. Riley.

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1. Here Were Dragons

Ladies and gentlemen, moving along.
Now here is an interesting site.
An area where the dragons would throng
to ululate throughout the night.

As you will see from our careful recreation
these creatures will often astound
but they never deserved their dire reputation
as the most fearsome creatures around

With a forty foot wingspan or more
the dragons were kings of the skies.
A thunderclap flap that helped them to soar
(and distribute pollen nearby).

Yes they were strong and they could easily bear
a tree trunk around like a twig.
And they had fiery breath of which to beware
which could easily barbecue a pig.

And with all of this how do we portray them now?
Do we focus upon their great splendour?
No. We demonise or trivialise and I wonder how
can we do this on evidence so slender.

If you find pixies a pest, and they often infest
your workplace, your garden or home,
then you’d like me to suggest or even attest
to a solution for wherever they roam

In times gone by, as our researchers have found
the dragons would keep them under control.
You would have been glad to have dragons around.
Now ‘all too common’ is the pixies new role.

Now look to your left and what you will see
is a representative sample of tools.
And it might surprise you, as it surprised me
that the dragons never were fools.

They were massive and weighty, though streamlined.
but as we examine and research remains
the solitary fact that most surprises we find
was the incredible size of their brains.

It was known to be a sociable beastie
with remarkably strong family ties.
They long held a grudge against an enemy
and they never forgot their allies

Then human beings arrived. Only briefly at first.
The presence of dragons frightened people away
The general consensus was that if worst came to worst
you would rapidly become a flambé.

But the dragons displayed no worse than an interest
and when word of this got around
the previously cowardly now returned in earnest
and when dragons approached stood their ground.

The sailors considered them a great source of food.
and turned their lands into a staging post.
The choicest discovery was a mewling newborn brood.
The young meat favoured by sailors the most.

The freelance knights were the next to arrive
looking for quests to increase their fame
“The dragons were too dangerous for us to leave them alive”
they claimed, “They kill. They mutilate and maim.”

They whipped up a storm with their self serving lies
without showing a hint of a conscience.
The resulting outrage was what would finally catalyse
the mob wanting to sail to vengeance.

And then the dragons were no more.
The reason, no great mystery –
It is down to the humans of yore
that the dragons are unnaturally history.

~ © Adam Gibbs 2001
Homepage: Fantastic Poems

2. His Death

The music is alluring
All senses washed away
As you sway along
To a far and distant cave

In the company of a giant
Far greater than us all
But understanding and kind
And wise beyond all years

The wonder and the awe
Errode away the sadness
Of the great one’s suffering pain
Yet he stood bravely through it all

For others have betrayed
His gentle caring touch
As the harmonious dawn
Serenades his mournful death

My spirit soars away
As awe and loyalty
Invade my soaring spirit
In the presence of the one

An explosion of all light
Of the joyness everywhere
For even though he’s gone
He lingers everywhere

In the heavens
In the stars
In every living thing
But still it ends in joy
With his magic all around

His memory still eludes
In tales broad and far
For the mightiest of all
Still hovers near and far

~ © Amy Anderson | all rights reserved

3. Honor Bound

A Dragon asks unspoken questions and will not tolerate
Attempts by lesser beings to dodge or fluctuate.

Do not try to side-step, she will recognize your dance.
Do not create deception, wisely, do not take the chance.

Make your answers straightforward, unerringly sincere,
For only honesty and candor will not offend her ear.

Once she descries your motives and deems them right and just,
You’ll have earned a staunch supporter and a Dragon’s trust.

So if ye dare, look deeply into Dragon’s whirling eyes,
But believe ye that she knows who is truthteller and who lies.

– © S. Kneeland

4. Little Dragon

A dragon,
a little dragon
curled up, head over tail.
Sleeping quite happily,
warm, happy,
curled around something.
A toy.
A little doll of him.
Or more like what he was.
What he was not so long ago.
But now he’s happy.
Never has he slept so peacefully,
so blissfully.
He never had the chance to do so before,
but now there was comfort.
In a place surrounded by those who love him.
that little dragon could have never guessed how nice heaven really is.

© 2006-2007 Soulefoin
Website: Soulefoin

5. Nature

Dragons of fire,
And twisting of flame,
Slilence un-turning,
Without any name.

The quiet and churning,
And darkness of night.
Quiet unfolding,
With seepings of might.

Roaring and screaming,
With tidings of day.
Flightings and fallings,
And losings of way.

Sweeping and swirling,
In light and in dark;
Turning and twisting,
And leaving no mark.

Pulling and lifting,
And tearing away.
Moaning and wailing,
‘Til break of the day.

~ © Rachael A. Riley a.k.a themindzi | all rights reserved

By Jess

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