Informal Dragon Research Team

Do you enjoy dragon research and want to share your findings?

I’ve been thinking of expanding the historical / research sections of this blog, but other blog maintenance stuff sometimes gets in the way!

I’m happy to fact-check, edit, credit and link back to your website and social media accounts beside your contribution.

An accompanying list of references (book or URL) are always appreciated.

  • Example (2024): Zar Antonov has kindly sent some dragon research notes, which I’m currently formatting.
  • Looking for notes on:
    • Russian dragons
    • Indian dragons
    • Other cultures or topics (okay to add on to current list)

Other Recommendations

  • I’m also happy to share other dragon-related stuff (art, products, photos) in future blog posts


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Your supportโ€”in whatever shape it takesโ€”is very much appreciated: thank you! ๐Ÿ‘‹

— Jess Chua