Japanese Dragon Jackets, K-Pop, Usher

Japanese dragon jackets

I’ve been eyeing Japanese dragon bomber jackets for a while and may finally get one, one of these days.

Now and then I notice dragon designs popping up in music videos. If you know of any, send along the info to share with our visitors!

In no particular order, here are several I’ve seen recently. A few had been sitting around in my blog drafts and were added into this post.

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Red/Black Japanese Embroidery Dragon Tattoo Sukajan Fashion Jacket

Sold by Weigela via eBay

Info: Unbranded | Asian Sizing | Sold by Weigela via eBay

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Double Dragon & Phoenix Sukajan Souvenir Jacket

Sold via Koisea

Info: Koisea brand | Satin | Asian Sizing

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Stray Kids “CASE 143” M/V Dragon Jackets (K-Pop)

Some coordinated dragon outfit screenshots from a portion of “Case 143” video by Stray Kids (omg this band is amazing!).

P.S. Is anyone reading this a Hyunjin or Hyunlix fan? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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Lalisa / Black Pink (K-Pop)

I’ve had a long-time girl crush on Lalisa, and this was one of her tour stage outfits.

Thanks to KlosetforKpop for the images (head on over to their site for custom made k-pop outfit dupes).

P.S. This video doesn’t have a dragon outfit, but it does show Lalisa at her best with dancing talent etc.

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BOSS / Feng Tang

Image from BOSS via Vogue PH

From Vogue Philippines: “In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, BOSS had collaborated with novelist and calligrapher Feng Tang to create a dragon-themed capsule collection.”

View more couture year of the dragon pieces here:

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Vespa Year of the Dragon 2024

From “In a powerful meeting of legend and style, the limited edition Vespa Dragon collection pays homage to the Lunar calendar and this majestic creature of mythical proportion.”

Vespa, the timeless icon of Italian lifestyle and a free spirit, debuted the exclusive limited-edition Vespa 946 Dragon and matching varsity jacket in January 2024 in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

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Usher’s “Yeah” Video

Pretty sure Usher was wearing a dragon jacket in the official video back from 20 years ago.

A similar looking jacket can be found on Starwear Status.

Info from Starwear Status: “An incredibly detailed piece which includes hand sewn dragons and floral patterns. Wearing A&G denotes a rocker, badass, and wealthy lifestyle. Worn by high fashion enthusiasts and celebrities.”

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