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Dragon ezine themes. Last updated 1 February 2023.

I’ve had many hobby sites over the years, and I’ve given some up along the way for different reasons.

With, I bounced around several times thinking about how the site could evolve.

Since the site has been online for 20+ years, I thought I’d try out a manageable routine through a monthly dragon ezine format.

2023 Update

My area was hit by Hurricane Ian in Sept 2022 (youch) and I launched a membership site in Feb 2023.

I’ll probably follow most of the ideas from the list below in a shorter format. This is to keep things more manageable.

  1. Singapore Dragons
  2. Christmas Dragons
  3. Dragon Dance
  4. Dragon Stamps
  5. Product Design
  6. Modern Dragon Art / Books
  7. Ice Dragons
  8. Witches and Dragons
  9. Tarot Dragons

Theme List for 2022

Aug ’22: Since the ezine format was still a little bit long-winded…I’m going to try a shorter, postcard style update from September onwards.

I had a busy first half of the year getting more familiar with my new job/role, and there were several months of anxiety regarding something health-related. That’s over and done with, so back to the drawing board I go with a cadence for website updates.

  1. June – Website turned 23 y/o 🎉
  2. August – Had an outpatient surgery done; recovering
  3. September Iceland Dragons
  4. October Spooky Dragons

Original Theme List for 2021

  1. JanBruce Lee “The Dragon”
  2. FebDragon Jewelry
  3. March Medieval Dragon Art
  4. April Dragon Weapons
  5. May Jade Dragons
  6. June High Fashion Design + 22-Year Website Anniversary Post
  7. November Personal Update: New Job and Blog Plans

Theme Suggestions by Visitors

  1. Ice Dragons
  2. Dragon history and culture from more countries

The Year 2020

I was initially planning to do a monthly post in 2020…which was a harrowing year to say the least!

In terms of creative writing, I did some horror writing on the side, some of which were accepted for publication. I’ve battled bouts of anxiety on and off throughout my adult life, and 2020 was no exception.

After a fun and relaxing trip with my boyfriend to St. Augustine FL (with dragon sightings!), I decided to refocus to continue the ezine themes into the new year.

I have cut down on my side projects to focus more on quality over quantity.

I still had some website woes with updating the website to use https, but that’s a part of regular web maintenance.


Dragon Ezines Posted in 2020

I mostly use the term “dragon ezine” as it has a quaint (or antiquated, depending on who you ask) ring to it.

For some screenshots of the website since 1999, head over to the about page.

Two ezine issues were posted in 2020.

  1. JanuaryAround the Home (dragon paintings and “stuff” you own)
  2. MayFood + Drink

In December 2020, the last few pages from the old site were finally migrated over to this new platform. OMG, that took forever!

I “twilight-zoned” for several hours straight on a cool weekend to transfer that last batch of dragon articles.

How You Can Help

If you would like to contribute a dragon-related poem, quote, personal story (what you like about dragons), photo, or share the link to a social media post, send them in!

The themes are not set in stone so don’t worry if what you’d like to share doesn’t fit into that month’s theme. As long as it’s about dragons, it’s all good.

Since I mentioned social media, is there one you like using in particular?

I have a Pinterest account (@dragonsinn) although I’m on the blog/site more often nowadays. I’m not a heavy user of the other social media platforms as I find it more mentally peaceful to limit my usage of them. I still like communicating old-school style via email 🙂

Alrighty, now to continue putting together the header images for some ezine issues. 🐲

By Jess

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. She's been the keeper of Dragonsinn since 1999. She works as a content specialist and enjoys yoga, reading, and design. Join Dragon Mail for printable welcome gifts, giveaways, and a healthy dose of dragon inspiration!

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