One Out of Three


Update (14 May 2024): Due to 2024 being a dragon year (and amidst other life changes like moving back to my former home state of Maine!), I’ve been more inspired to keep up with blog updates here.

I’ve left the original post below for archival purposes.

A second update on blogging and related activities.

Hi all,

I’ve spent the last 3 months thinking about which blog I’d like to focus on as a hobby (I have three, including this site).

I’ve decided to focus on my personal blog ( for now as I’d like to cover a wider range of topics in terms of creativity and self-expression.

Also, I’ve been recording and narrating the posts there in an effort to improve my speaking skills. You can learn more about that in my audio blog intro post. (Update / August 2022: This has turned out to be WAY more time-consuming than I initially thought! I’m likely to try out blogging again as I prefer its thoughtful, in-depth format versus shorter social media style updates.)

I am also approaching the completion of a wee little chapbook I had in mind since a couple of years ago. It’ll be fun to complete it for creative > commercial purposes.

I’ve been enjoying my new job — the first 2 weeks were HECTIC…

I might write a few career planning posts on my other blog at some point. It’s something I spend a lot of time thinking about.

Material here will live on as an archive. I’ll resume the infographic style posts (i.e. postcard style posts) in future if some time and space opens up in my blogging schedule.

I’ve reached out to a random Dragonsinn newsletter subscriber on winning the Amazon gift card (thanks for subscribing!).

Take care for now, and let me know if you have any writing or side projects you’re focusing on too 👋

By Jess

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. She's been the keeper of Dragonsinn since 1999. She works as a content specialist and enjoys yoga, reading, and design. Join Dragon Mail for printable welcome gifts, giveaways, and a healthy dose of dragon inspiration!