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Today’s post is from an email from a reader / site visitor who lives in Japan.

If you have any information about the Swiss legend or books which mention it, please contact me so that I can update this post.


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“Dear Jess:

I am doing some research on Swiss Dragon folklore.

There’s a story set in November 1420, about a cooper (i.e. “a maker or repairer of casks and barrels”) who has fallen into a dragon’s cave. He licked salty water from the cave’s wall and that was his only source of food.

But winter turned into spring, the dragon took flight. The cooper held onto the dragon’s body and he got out of the cave.

I don’t know a lot about the details of this folklore, and which book could tell me more about it.

If you know about this story, could you share more information?

I know a very similar Chinese folklore when I compared the two stories.

— SS / F / Japan”


  1. There is a story about the dragons of Mt. Pilatus, which is in the Lucerne region and a regular hotspot for tourists.
Lucerne is a compact city in Switzerland

Interesting stories and legends stem from here.

One legend says that dragons with healing powers lived in the crevices of the mountain. Another story also details how a young cooper was stuck on Mount Pilatus, but stayed safe in a dragon’s cave through the winter.

Reference: Europe Diaries

2. Here are some images of the plaques on Mt. Pilatus about the dragon legends.

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