USPS Dragon Stamps


When I received the USPS Philatelic Catalog (Fall 2018 issue), it really made me smile!

There’s something very attractive about well-designed stamps.

Perhaps it’s the tangibility of holding and admiring it, or the thought that they’re being used on envelopes that are being sent out to actual mail boxes.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of letter writing and having some penpal friends.

It reminds me of my grandfather too, who used to collect stamps and coins. I have another old dragon stamp (from Singapore) which I will upload once the old site material transfer has been completed.

As for the aforementioned dragon stamps, you can purchase them on the USPS website or USPS eBay.

The stamps were created by Don Clark of Invisible Creature.

Here are two videos of the dragon stamps.

There’s very dramatic and nice music on the first video of the official dragons stamp opening ceremony!

Here are two images of the gorgeous stamps and a special pop-up book.

I like how the colors really pop and how there’s a sheen from the gold foil element that accents the artwork.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the four designs.

I love them all, from the castles to the ship and ocean concept as well as the Oriental / Asian touch in the design with the orange Eastern dragon.

USPS Stamps by Don Clark of Invisible Creature
Dragon pop-up book, illustrated by Don Clark

These are pages from my copy of the USPS magazine / catalog.

The catalog serves as yet another medium which really brings the designs to life.

While it’s satisfying to study the details in the small stamps, the magazine gives a huge version of the images and is a wonderful way to showcase the power, strength, and vibrance of the subject.

It’s a catalog to be treasured, for sure.

Cover of Catalog.
The cover folds open!!
Welcome note from Director of Stamp Services
“Visions of Dragons”
Last page of dragon article in USPS catalog.
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