Dragons in World of Warcraft, Part 2


Part 2: Interesting facts and additional images of the stunning dragons in WoW. Part 1 was featured in a previous post.

  • Chosen by the titans, each of the five draconic types was given domain over a certain aspect of the world, ranging from the earth to time itself.
  • The dragons of Azeroth are far more intelligent than the humans who hunt them, and struggle to reconcile their metaphysical nature with the reality of the savage world they inhabit.
  • Draconic entities are already conscious while in their unhatched eggs.
  • Mature dragon types include: Black, Bronze, Green, Red, Infinite, Nether, Proto, and Twilight.
  • It is said that the ornate shoulder armor worn by the mortal races started as an attempt to emulate dragon wings.
  • The winged draconic creatures of Azeroth reach maturity after a hundred years have passed.
  • Dragons have a number of reasons for fighting. They are territorial, and numerous factions hunt them for a variety of different reasons. Most do not attack random groups of mortals on sight.

Reference: Dragon – Wowpedia

Images are © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Images of WoW Dragons

Taerar Green Dragon

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