About Jess and some website history

Hello / 2024

Short Version

👋 About Me

Name: Jess Chua (poet / artist / escapist)

Location: Back in Maine, previously in Florida + Singapore

Art: I’ve always loved drawing birds and buildings. Drawing dragons is a new challenge I’m happy to explore.

Line art for Eastern Dragon Circle | 2024

I’ve been adding some art to the shop section with a goal to cover my yearly hosting costs.

While AI technology is fascinating, I try to avoid featuring or selling AI generated art due to the way that AI scrapes the internet to generate said images.

Writing: My debut poetry chapbook was published in 2023. I occasionally explore dark depths through horror short stories.

You can learn more at my creative writing personal blog ✍🏻

My dragon haiku was featured in Cambridge Primary English Learner’s Book 6.

Zodiac: Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon / Venus Scorpio


Work: LinkedIn | Portfolio

Music: Classical, Classic Rock, EDM, Bollywood, Instrumental Lofi, Shivelight, many others…

Other Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, art, astrology, analytics, yoga, swimming, nature, personal finance, taking care of pets.

Other Links: Linktree

💻 About Website

  • Launched in June 1999 (built via Web Studio)
  • Revamped in April 2003 (redesigned on Dreamweaver)
  • 2nd light revamp in October 2006 (didn’t update the website for several years as I had a lot going on during my mid to late twenties)
  • 2018/2019 version = big overhaul in terms of mobile-friendly design and new content
  • 2024 version (for website’s 25th anniversary) = a more modern design with e-commerce addition, and icons on the home page by Icons8

Seeking Researchers

Do you have dragon research notes to share?

I’m always happy to format, edit, and share those!

Contact Me

You can message me via the form or email.

Longer Version

All About Dragons

If you’re like most Dragonsinn visitors and readers, you’ve had a longtime fascination with dragons!

Some of the things you may enjoy about dragons include:

  • Learning about dragon culture and history
  • Reading dragon poems and short stories
  • Dragon tattoos and art
  • Dragon quotes
  • Dragon figurines, products and design

I’ve always been drawn to the power of dragons and how they continue to capture the imagination of millions around the globe.

Why Dragons?

I was in my early teens when my mom got me a copy of a drag-and-drop site builder.

“Dragons” was my first-choice subject for my first website.

My career since then has always involved online media. This site is where my interest in blogging and SEO optimization stemmed from. It reminds me to stay focused and disciplined with the things that matter in life.

My aim with continuing to run this site/blog is for nostalgic as well as educational purposes. I am passionate about curating information and hope this site is a solid resource for the dragon content you’re seeking.

I also love hearing from visitors. Learning about your dragon knowledge, stories, or creative projects is always something inspiring and my favorite thing about running the site.

Dragons represent a lot of things to me: Freedom and forever. Power, grace, rebirth, passion, focus, intelligence.

Since the site is turning 25 years old in 2024, I’ve set myself a goal to complete my first collection of dragon poems.

It’s an expansion from the ten or so that I wrote and posted on this blog over the years.

Social Media

I have a Twitter/X account, though I’ve been on it less ever since Musk took over.

Email correspondence still gives me joy as it gives both people a chance to reflect and share experiences or information.

If I’m not on social media, I’m usually reading or doing something artsy which is more supportive to my mental health.

If you’re like me and have been online for a LONG time, do you have good memories of the Internet before social media?

I know I do!

Dive Into the Archives

If it’s your first time here, you may want to start by diving into some of our most popular pages. Here are some of them:

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Some Pictures

Website Screenshots

1999-2002: My first 7-page website. Made in Singapore.
First redesign: 2003-2005. (Singapore)
Second redesign: 2006-2018. (Maine)
Mobile-friendly update: 2018-2020. I found this header image too large. (Florida)
2021-2023 version by GeneratePress. I added the background color for a few days before deciding to try another theme. (Florida)

Media Mentions

“Dragon Dance” on Wikipedia

“Dragon Claws” on Wikipedia

“Jazz in China,” by Eugene Marlow (Chapter 1; published by University Press of Mississippi)

“Writ in Water,” assignment via Bard MAT

“Dragon Anatomy” on DailyZhihu

Keep the Dragon Spirit Alive

This site is hyper-focused on satisfying your curiosity on all things draconic.

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I look forward to having the dragon guide you in your life dreams, goals, and ambition.