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[Jan 2015]

Happy New Year--it's been a BUSY past couple of years
(refer to front page message).

[Aug 2012]

Added new link and cleaned up links page.

Added note to Dragon's Prayer page :)

[May 2012]

Added "dragon playground in Singapore" picture to Hoard.

Added listing: The Dragon Empire (a dragon breeding game).

Added excerpts by Michael Radcliffe and an excerpt by Jess C Scott.

[April 2012]

Featuring an epic poem, by Gordon Ramel [Tears of Kharnoon]!

[Jan 2012]

Happy New Year (year of the water dragon!).

Added an important note from a website visitor,
re: Chinese dragons' toes.

Added new screenshots page featuring The Dragons of Istaria (thanks to Jessica/Dimmae!).

Added two new contributions to the dragon definition page.

[Dec 11]

Added a book by award-winning author, Kate Walker
[Interview with author of The Dragon of Mist].

[Oct 11]

Featuring an excerpt from an original historical fantasy, by Joseph Robert Lewis [The Dragon and the Lotus].

Featuring space dragons, via the poetry of poetess, Nipaporn Baldwin [Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve, Ghosts of Draconizica, Pensione Paura, and Twelve]!

[Aug 11]

15 Aug: Dragonsinn has been around for 12 yrs 2 months.

I'm still extremely busy with expanding jessINK (my indie publishing division). I'll also be working on an urban fantasy series featuring a dragon (hopefully I'll get that done by the end of 2012!).

I'll get back to the dragon research/poetry/etc once I get my sh*t a litte bit more together on the jessINK front (I'm strenghtening/diversifying the brand...).

Keep your pictures + poetry contributions + other dragon-related submissions coming ;)

[Mar 11]

3 Mar: Added new poem (by mersadie; thanks!)

[Sept 10]

15 Sept: Added a page on a popular (and mysterious...) Sanskrit design by Taiwanese tattoo artist, Andy Shou.

[Feb 10]

3 Feb: Added 2 poems [A Dragon's Life, All I have to Offer].

[Jun 09]

14 Jun: Added 2 poems [Dragon's Eye, Dragon Song].

Apologies for the lack of updates; busy getting ready to launch EyeLeash, my debut blog novel.

[Feb 09]

6 Jan: Added 1 poem [Dragon's Fire].

[Jan 09]

Happy New Year!

2 Jan: Added 1 poem [Dragon Wise, Dragon Old...].

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