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Vietnamese Dragons

vietnamese dragons

Originally published 1 June 2008. To be updated once the last pages from the old website have been transferred.

Introduction: Con Rong”

The Vietnamese Dragon is commonly called Con Rong, or Con Long which is more literary. It makes part of the four animals with supernatural power [Tu Linh] and occupies the top place. It is frequently used in Vietnamese art.

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Virtual Dragon Road Trip


My boyfriend and I recently went on a road trip to St. Augustine, FL. Yes, we saw something dragon-related, and the other pictures in this post make it a little bit of a virtual dragon road trip!

It was fun and relaxing for the most part with social distancing measures in place.

Here are some photos and other updates.

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Western Dragon Art

western dragon art

There was a modest collection of dragon pictures on the old website (2010 to 2018 version). I’ve transferred some of them over to this post.

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Dragon Facts For Adults

dragon facts

Originally published 1 June 2008. Last updated 9 Jan 2021. Quick dragon facts on Chinese, Western, and Middle-Eastern dragons, with a very brief history.

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