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Screenshots :: World of Warcraft Dragons

These are from WoW. I'll add more from other games later
(P.S. 24 Jan 2012: Added Istaria page!).

In WoW the dragon is the enemy, but the dragons look SO nice!
Note the unfairness of needing a bunch of thirty or more ninnies to take down one dragon, hmph.

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Images are ©2004-2006 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Dragon: Azuregos

small dragon cluster
A cluster of small dragons

Dragon: Phantim

burn baby burn
Burn, baby, burn

black drago
Black Dragon, Nefarion

black dragon in fiery cavern Black Dragon in a fiery cavern

dragon flying in cavern
Dragon flying in cavern

hovering in a well-lit cavern
Hovering in a well-lit cavern

cool dragon armor
Cool armor (draconic shoulder plate!)

dragon armor
Cool armor #2

dragons in armor
Two dragons walking in armor

green dragon
Green dragon in background

WoW Dragons Page 2