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Boston mfa dragons

Oops, I forgot to post this small collection of pictures from my Boston trip back in December 2023.

It was my first time visiting Boston. 10/10 highly recommended! ⭐

MFA Boston was top-notch and I’d absolutely visit again.

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Fashioned by Sargent

A short note before the dragon photos…

I was there to view the Fashioned by Sargent exhibition. That was exhilarating as he’s one of my favourite artists. I especially loved viewing:

  • Madame X
  • Dr. Pozzi at Home
  • Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth

There were about 50 paintings and over a dozen period garments and accessories on view.

I enjoyed viewing some of the ones I wasn’t as familiar with, like the portrait of Charles Deering at his Florida home (journalist Kerry Dooley Young has a great writeup titled “Florida Man: Notes on John Singer Sargent“).

Also, here’s a nice video by BC Canadian oil artist Misako Flodin of the exhibition:

Dragons at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The museum is huge and I didn’t have time to finish exploring every single area even after 3 hours.

The cobalt blue dragon dish (included in the header image) was from the Arts of Islamic Cultures section. I was in a bit of a rush there as the museum was about to close for the day, but I’m glad I managed to snap a photo of that.

Bonus pictures of me at Salem train station as I’d been wanting to visit Salem for some time (OMG, The Crucible!).

The ride took about 30-40 minutes from Boston.

Dragon and Clouds (2014)

In 2014, MFA Boston showed the restored “Dragon and Clouds” made by the Japanese eccentric artist Soga Shohaku in 1763, via a set of eight panels, ink on paper.

From the Edo period, Japan.

Picture from Reddit

Other Dragon Art

You can currently search MFA Boston’s collection online.

Not all of the works are on public view.

Here are some clear images of the (full size, I believe) Nine dragons piece, and a few other dragon images, including two dragon court robes.

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