Toronto Dragon Pictures (and Logo/Sticker Giveaway)

Toronto dragons

I can’t remember if I mentioned wanting to move out of Florida on this blog (I alluded to it on my personal blog)…but I’m happy to be back in my former home state of Maine! 🌲

I may write a slightly longer post about it on my personal blog another day, as I traveled with my cat which was an adventure for both of us.

I was in Toronto for a few days in April, where I spotted some dragon statues in the Chinatown area.

Toronto / Chinatown

I like the perspective of the second picture especially.

The fifth picture was taken by my mum a few years ago, beside South China Market Herbs Inc.

My family and I visited an amazing dim sum place (Wok Theory)—highly recommended.

I tried out my new roller bag that I got on sale at Ross. It was excellent and I’ll retire my duffel bag that I struggled with previously.

Apparently there’s a gate with green dragons within the same area, but my time was a bit limited and I missed out on that one (will look out for it next time).

UPDATE: That gate is in San Francisco, not Toronto. Included a pic below!

SF dragon gate photo by chensiyuan / Wikipedia

Sticker / Logo Giveaway

As mentioned on my Celebrating 25 Years of Dragonsinn post, I did a quick (hand drawn) update of the original Dragonsinn logo from 2003.

There’s a logo sticker giveaway for newsletter subscribers.

Check out the newsletter for more details!

Mid-June Update

I’ll be going back to Florida in early June to pack up the rest of my stuff. It’s mostly books that I need to try and downsize.

So I’ll probably announce the giveaway results and do the June 2024 update in the middle of June, at the earliest.

Has anyone moved around recently? I brought some of my small dragon items over and found a tiny item (dragon coin) that was sitting on my old bedroom shelf.

I’ll share a pic of that in a future post.

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