Dragon Poems, Part 5


Part 5 of poems transferred over from the old website.

Featuring poems by Shadowscales Fierceflames, Angelegnus, and Amy Anderson.


  • Dropping Off To Dreamland On Dragons’ Wings – In A Blink Of A Dragon’s Eye – Pyri Io – Dragon Song by Shadowscales Fierceflames
  • Gold Dragon by Angelegnus
  • Freedom as One by Amy Anderson

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1. Dropping Off To Dreamland On Dragons’ Wings

Drop off to dreamland, dreamland
And escape reality for a night
For a little while, drift away on silver clouds as bright as
dragons’ scales,
And enjoy their wild, boundless majesty, freedom,
glory and adventure,
My children, soar as a dragon tonight.

~ © Shadowscales Fierceflames | Submitted: Oct 2008

2. In A Blink Of A Dragon’s Eye

It seems all the world is whirling by
In the blink of a Dragon’s eye.
like fog through a cloud-tossed sky
Images like little birds, they fly
Light and Dark, Live and Die
In the blink of a Dragons eye.
Strong and weak, truth and lie
In the blink of a Dragon’s eye.
Calm and Rave, Cower and Brave
Good and Bad, Joy and Sad
All in a Dragon’s eye.
bold and Fear, a Dragon’s tear
Silently a Dragon cries
Yet all the world keeps rolling by.
Silence and Song, Right and Wrong
will these visions never cease?
Take and Release, Chaos and Peace
So many things a Dragon sees!
And suffers silently
Longing to be free
yet knowing what would happen should this burden be let go-
So many things a Dragon knows!
And suffers silently
Wishing it was all a dream
For, it seems, infinity
And still, the restless world, with no mercy, keeps on flying by
All in the blink of a Dragon’s eye.

~ © Shadowscales Fierceflames

3. Pyri Io

Pyri Io
My name is Pyri Io
I am that with no end, just like the sun.
I am the Volcano Lord
I am the only one.

Infinity is my brother
I am eternal, that is true
I dance on hoards of flaming rubies
I am ancient, much wiser than you.
Pyri Io.

~ © Shadowscales Fierceflames

4. Dragon Song

Twas a night of awe and magic
Every dragon–one and all
Had gathered by the sea to fly
And answer instinct’s call.

One by one, they would step forth
and sing their own heartsong
Hoping it’d attract the one
To whom their heart’d belong.

A dragon stood, waiting his turn
to step forward and sing
a newcomer to the whole event
and tense as a coiled spring.

Finally his turn arrived
He stepped forth into the ring
Cleared his throat, searched deep inside
and then began to sing…

‘Calling, calling, hear my cry
O love, I’m searching through the sky
For you, O love, wherever you fly
My love for you shall never die! no! Love shall never die.

I cannot bear anymore my longing and pain
O love though Ilost you,now im searching again
I pray I am not searching in vain! in vain!
But my love for you shall always remain! yes! shall always remain.”

The dragon stopped, his song now done
Silence pressed in all around
he blessed and cursed his voice and heart
and hoped and prayed love would be found.

no answer came for quite some time
The dragon hung his head
Had no dragon’s heart adored his song?
Would he be left alone instead?

Then from the crowd a female stepped
And met him in the ring
She opened her mouth and smiled at him
And then began to sing…

“I hear thy call, though thou art far
I wish upon a shooting star
To come to thee and give my heart
So I’d be with thou, wherever we are.

O thou, my love, Iloveth thou true
Somehow I vow I shall come through
And give thee my heart, and my soul too
No words can tell how I love you.”

The female’s voice was like a harp
her eyes were ocean-blue
her scales were the shade of an autumn sky
She was a dream come true.

The dragon stood for a moment, unsure
And speechless of his luck
Then he knew he had to do
And Inspiration struck.

Their voices rose together in song–
A perfect harmony
Then while the crowd chanted loudly
the female whispered, “Fly with me.”

Still singing like angels, both dragons rose
And began to dance in the sky
Coming closer, ever closer
With every moment passing by.

The dragon’s song had found the one
to whom he gave his all
Twining and singing over the sea on that night
the dragon lovers heeded instinct’s call.

~ © Shadowscales Fierceflames

5. Gold Dragon

Dragon young, dragon bold.
By my kind I am told,
to protect those weak and old.
Call me a mighty dragon gold.

~ © Amanda (Angelegnus)

6. Freedom as One

The dragons life and soul

Are turning into mine

The dragons mind and wisdom

Are coming forth as one

The dragons strength and virtue

Are also there for me

For the dragon and myself

Are both becoming free

© Amy Anderson | all rights reserved

By Jess

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. She's been the keeper of Dragonsinn since 1999. She works in the online writing/editing field and enjoys yoga, reading, and design. Join Dragon Mail for printable welcome gifts, giveaways, and a healthy dose of dragon inspiration!