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dragon poetry

Dragon poetry TOC page.

Here’s the collection of dragon poems (in alphabetical order) that were transferred over from the old site.


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Thanks to everyone who allowed me to display their work here.

Just a note: poems are expressions of the soul. No speed reading :D.

Please contact me if you’d like to contribute your poems or would like something removed.

Dragon Poetry + Poems

The Dragon Set #1 and Set #2 (Haiku) – Jess Chua

A Dragon’s Lament – Jack Prelutsky
A Dragon’s Life – Colin L.
A Dragon’s Life, A Dragon’s Blessing – April Morehouse
A Poem about the Dragon – Theodora Lau
A dragon runs through time – Sathor
Aedh pleads with the Elemental Powers – W. B. Yeats
All I have to Offer – April Morehouse
Autumn – Jess Chua

Battle – Jess Chua

Death Dragoness – Jess Chua
Draco Bizarro – Island Princess
Dragon days – J. M. Smith
Dragon Friendship – Bill Wescott
Dragon Fountain – Jennifer Deal
Dragon Garden – Jennifer Deal
Dragon of the Cloak – Julie M. Prus
Dragon of the Hunted – J. M. Smith
Dragon Song – Shadowscales
Dragon Tears – Tiffany Hrach
Dragon Wise, Dragon Old… – Sloane Jensen
Dragons of Ice – Jess Chua
Dragon’s Blood – RPL
Dragon’s Call – Heather O’Connell
Dragon’s Credo – Dragon Reed
Dragon’s Fire – Sally Walters (A.K.A. DRAGON SWAN)
Dragon’s Prayer – Dr. Thomas Venturer
Dropping Off To Dreamland On Dragons’ Wings – Shadowscales Fierceflames

Encounter – Island Princess
Evidence – Nick Toczek

Fading Dragon – Tiffany Hrach
Flying High My Love – Jennifer Deal
Freedom as One – Amy Anderson
From The adventures of Tom Bombadil – J.R.R.Tolkien

Gold Dragon – Angelegnus
Guardians – Jess Chua

Here Were Dragons – Adam Gibbs
His Death – Amy Anderson
Honor Bound – S. Kneeland

I AM A DRAGON – Shadowfaax Silverflames
In A Blink Of A Dragon’s Eye – Shadowscales
In my Garden – Jennifer Deal

Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll

Little Dragon – Soulefoin

Nature – themindzi

Once They All Believed In Dragons – Jack Prelutsky

Piety – Jess Chua
Pyri Io – Shadowscales Fierceflames

Ravenous Appetite – Jess Chua
Red Dragon – Jess Chua
Red (DRAGON) – Anna Simmons

SHE – Tiffany Hrach
Sleeping Dragon – Jess Chua
Space Dragons – Nipaporn BaldwinΒ 
Spirit Guide – Kiryn Silverwing
Starsinger – Bekka

Tear for Hong Kong – Griffin109
The Dragon – Kalarei Al’Nimithia
The Dragon – The Wizard
The Realists – W. B. Yeats
The Steeple – Jess Chua
The Ice Dragon – A cautionary tale – Rushy
The Dragon Prince – Rushy
The Dragon’s Curse – Nick Toczek
The Dragon’s Song – Silverdragen
The Dragon’s Storm – WaryDreamer
The Dragon of Death – Jack Prelutsky
The Dragons Are Singing Tonight – Jack Prelutsky
The Dragon and The Angel – Dragon Catcher
The Dragon and the Undying – Siegfried Sassoon
The dragons of the north – Rushy
The Tears Of Kharnoon – Gordon J.L.Ramel

The Tale of Custard the Dragon – Ogden Nash

Untitled – Syntage
Untitled – The Book of Lismore

When Dragons Ruled The Skies – Unknown
When the Skies Danced – Karen Brown
Why Dragons? – Jane Yolen

Dragon-related Paragraphs, Excerpts | Author

Dragon Awakening – Kate Elliott

Scale of a Dragon – J. Michael Radcliffe

The Boy Who Played with Fire – Jess Chua

The Champion of Dragons – Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Dragon and the Lotus – Joseph Robert Lewis

The Ice Dragon – George R.R. Martin

The ‘Mad Trist’, from The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allan Poe

The Tangle Box – Terry Brooks

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