Dragon Poetry: Table of Contents

Dragon poetry TOC page.

Here’s the collection of dragon poems (in alphabetical order) that were transferred over from the old site.

Thanks to everyone who allowed me to display their work here.

Just a note: poems are expressions of the soul. No speed reading :D.

Please contact me if you’d like to contribute your poems or would like something removed.

Dragon Poetry + Poems

The Dragon Set #1 and Set #2 (Haiku) – Jess Chua

A Dragon’s Lament – Jack Prelutsky
A Dragon’s Life – Colin L.
A Dragon’s Life, A Dragon’s Blessing – April Morehouse
A Poem about the Dragon – Theodora Lau
A dragon runs through time – Sathor
Aedh pleads with the Elemental Powers – W. B. Yeats
All I have to Offer – April Morehouse
Autumn – Jess Chua

Battle – Jess Chua

Death Dragoness – Jess Chua
Draco Bizarro – Island Princess
Dragon days – J. M. Smith
Dragon Friendship – Bill Wescott
Dragon Fountain – Jennifer Deal
Dragon Garden – Jennifer Deal
Dragon of the Cloak – Julie M. Prus
Dragon of the Hunted – J. M. Smith
Dragon Song – Shadowscales
Dragon Tears – Tiffany Hrach
Dragon Wise, Dragon Old… – Sloane Jensen
Dragons of Ice – Jess Chua
Dragon’s Blood – RPL
Dragon’s Call – Heather O’Connell
Dragon’s Credo – Dragon Reed
Dragon’s Fire – Sally Walters (A.K.A. DRAGON SWAN)
Dragon’s Prayer – Dr. Thomas Venturer
Dropping Off To Dreamland On Dragons’ Wings – Shadowscales Fierceflames

Encounter – Island Princess
Evidence – Nick Toczek

Fading Dragon – Tiffany Hrach
Flying High My Love – Jennifer Deal
Freedom as One – Amy Anderson
From The adventures of Tom Bombadil – J.R.R.Tolkien

Gold Dragon – Angelegnus
Guardians – Jess Chua

Here Were Dragons – Adam Gibbs
His Death – Amy Anderson
Honor Bound – S. Kneeland

I AM A DRAGON – Shadowfaax Silverflames
In A Blink Of A Dragon’s Eye – Shadowscales
In my Garden – Jennifer Deal

Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll

Little Dragon – Soulefoin

Nature – themindzi

Once They All Believed In Dragons – Jack Prelutsky

Piety – Jess Chua
Pyri Io – Shadowscales Fierceflames

Ravenous Appetite – Jess Chua
Red Dragon – Jess Chua
Red (DRAGON) – Anna Simmons

SHE – Tiffany Hrach
Sleeping Dragon – Jess Chua
Space Dragons – Nipaporn Baldwin 
Spirit Guide – Kiryn Silverwing
Starsinger – Bekka

Tear for Hong Kong – Griffin109
The Dragon – Kalarei Al’Nimithia
The Dragon – The Wizard
The Realists – W. B. Yeats
The Steeple – Jess Chua
The Ice Dragon – A cautionary tale – Rushy
The Dragon Prince – Rushy
The Dragon’s Curse – Nick Toczek
The Dragon’s Song – Silverdragen
The Dragon’s Storm – WaryDreamer
The Dragon of Death – Jack Prelutsky
The Dragons Are Singing Tonight – Jack Prelutsky
The Dragon and The Angel – Dragon Catcher
The Dragon and the Undying – Siegfried Sassoon
The dragons of the north – Rushy
The Tears Of Kharnoon – Gordon J.L.Ramel

The Tale of Custard the Dragon – Ogden Nash

Untitled – Syntage
Untitled – The Book of Lismore

When Dragons Ruled The Skies – Unknown
When the Skies Danced – Karen Brown
Why Dragons? – Jane Yolen

Dragon-related Paragraphs, Excerpts | Author

Dragon Awakening – Kate Elliott

Scale of a Dragon – J. Michael Radcliffe

The Boy Who Played with Fire – Jess Chua

The Champion of Dragons – Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Dragon and the Lotus – Joseph Robert Lewis

The Ice Dragon – George R.R. Martin

The ‘Mad Trist’, from The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allan Poe

The Tangle Box – Terry Brooks