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According to Screen Rant, “dragons are some of the most compelling parts of Game of Thrones (GoT), and they are responsible for some of its most iconic moments.”

Daenerys Targaryen, AKA Daenerys Stormborn, is one of the main characters of Game of Thrones. She becomes known as the Mother of Dragons after she hatches a trio of them.

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Here are some GoT quotes from the HBO adaptation and the book series by George R. R. Martin.

Game of Thrones, Dragon Quotes (HBO)

1.Β “Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

2. “No one will take my dragons.”

3. “I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming.”

4. “The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born.”

5. (Olenna Tyrell to Daenerys): “The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

6. (Viserys Targaryen): “Brave men didn’t kill dragons. The brave men rode them.”

7. “The only thing that could tear down the house of the dragon was itself.” (from the opening scene of House of the Dragon)

8. “They are dragons, Khaleesi. They can never be tamed… not even by their mother.”

9. “A dragon is not a slave.”

10. “My brother didn’t know anything about dragons. He didn’t know anything about anything.”

11. Jon Snow: “I don’t know how to ride a dragon.”
Daenerys Targaryen: “Nobody does. Until they ride a dragon.”

Dragon Quotes from GoT Books

12.Β Daenerys Targaryen rose to her feet, her black hissed, pale smoke venting from its mouth and nostrils. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air, and for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.”
β€” A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire

12.Β β€œThen the storm broke, and the dragons danced.”
― George R.R. Martin, Fire & Blood

13. “I fed my last husband to my dragon. If you make me take another, I may eat him myself.” – Rhaena Targaryen

14. “I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

15. “Not all men were meant to dance with dragons.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

16. “And what lesson can we draw from Volantene history?Β If you want to conquer the world, you best have dragons.”

17. “She was Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Khaleesi and queen, Mother of Dragons, slayer of warlocks, breaker of chains, and there was no one in the world that she could trust.”

18. “You do not steal from the dragon, oh, no. The dragon remembers.”

19. “Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.”

20. “Once a man has seen a dragon in flight, let him stay home and tend his garden in content, someone had written once, for this wide world has no greater wonder.”

21. “Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night…

Yet when she slept that night, she dreamt the dragon dream again. Viserys was not in it this time. There was only her and the dragon. Its scales were black as night, wet and slick with blood. Her blood, Dany sensed. Its eyes were pools of molten magma and when it opened its mouth, the flame came roaring out in a hot jet. She could hear it singing to her. She opened her arms to the fire, embraced it, let it swallow her whole, let it cleanse her and temper her and scour her clean. She could feel her flesh sear and blacken and slough away, could feel her blood boil and turn to steam, and yet there was no pain. She felt strong and new and fierce.

And the next day, strangely, she did not seem to hurt quite as much.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

22. “Dragons are fire made flesh.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows


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