Hand Drawn Dragon Stickers


Hi all, and welcome to my dragon stickers page featuring my hand-drawn designs!

I’ve always loved stickers and stationery and have been finding the art process to be fun and enlivening.

I’m hoping to complete my first ten dragon designs very soon.

In the meantime, here’s what I have available for now via Ko-Fi and Threadless (all button links will take you to the individual product page). I’ve included short thoughts on the inspiration behind each design.

Let me know if there are designs you’d like to see 🙂

~ Jess at Dragonsinn.net / April 2024

NOTE: 5% of proceeds are donated to environmental + animal causes!

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1. Eastern dragon

First up in the dragon stickers is this updated version of an older Eastern dragon pencil sketch I did many years ago.

I wanted a happier version with a bit more color and vibrancy.

There’s also a black and white line art version if you prefer a more minimalist style.

2. Skull / Ice dragon

The first version of this small dragon perched on a rock had a bit more of an anime style. The dragon had a cuter looking face with a huge eye.

I changed the face a little bit for the final version. I’ve tried an anime style for portraits in the past and may try some for other dragons in future.

Also available in a black and white line art version.

3. Asian dragon circle

This was inspired by a bas-relief royalty free photo. I wanted to capture a lot of detail within a circular space.

Chinese dragons have a long and illustrious cultural history in ways that differ quite a bit from Western dragons.

This design is also available with a white background.

4. Temple Bar, London dragon

I’ve always loved the power and charm that accompanies the design of medieval and heraldic dragons.

This was based on a photo taken by the amazing photographer Samuel Sweet, who’s based in Utah. The photo is of the Temple Bar dragon sculpture in London.

Design is also available in a bright, white version.

5. Dragon Hugging Planet

I thought of this design while taking part in an “environmental” themed design challenge at Threadless.

I’d like to do a few more in this vein as climate change and environmental destruction cause me a lot of anxiety, and making happy art that includes the environment is kind of supportive to my own mental health.

My partner is actually the one who suggested this design—my original design featured an Asian dragon circling the planet. Maybe I should do that one next!

6. Save Trees

This is another cute design that was done for the Threadless environmental art design challenge.

I’ve done one other art piece involving typography (a sketch for the 2023 “Our Grateful HeARTs” community art show by Art Therapy Institute), and I thought it’d be nice to try here. I almost wrote the words below the dragon, but I think the design would have been a bit unbalanced that way. 

I had a bit of problem with the pastel colored version file initially. I had to save as a jpg to get the image to be less blurry.

Coming Soon

7. Dragon and sustainable city (simple graphic)

To continue with the environmental theme, I have in mind a simple graphic for this design.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing buildings (even though I sometimes get confused with perspective), so this should be a fun one to complete.

8. Mountain dragon

I’ve not visited many mountains before, although I’ve seen some in Maine in the distance.

The online photos I’ve seen of mountainous regions like Oregon, Colorado are breathtaking.

9. Bauhaus style botanical dragon

This design is part of the Bauhaus botanical design challenge at Threadless. I’ve collected a few reference pictures as it’ll be a new style for me. I’m thinking of a small dragon in the center surrounded by spring flowers and leaves.

10. Singapore dragon playground

Unfortunately I never saw this vintage dragon playground in person (!!).

I used to live in the Bedok area and then for a short while in Sengkang, very rarely making my way to Toa Payoh.

However an old school friend sent a pic of this dragon playground and I’ve seen a few other pictures of it online. I love drawing birds and buildings, so this one should be another fun one to work on.