Western Dragon Art

western dragon art

There was a modest collection of dragon pictures on the old website (2010 to 2018 version). I’ve transferred some of them over to this post.

I intend to add short author bio’s whenever I can so that you can learn more about each artist and visit their websites 🙂

Most of these are depictions of Western dragon art. I didn’t want to spread them out over too many new pages to keep the redirects smoother from the old pages to new ones.

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Stephanie Pui-Mun Law: Website

Sue Dawe: [calendar + interviewcontact me if you have a link to the artist’s website]

Jan Patrik Krasny: Website

Peter Pracownik: Website

Amy Brown: Website

Chris Achilleos: Website

Ciruelo Cabral: Website

Gary Walton: Website

Graeme Base: Website

Art used by permission by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Copyright Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Pictures are for viewing only. Reproduction is not permitted.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: borisbanner

Nene Thomas: Website

Keith Parkinson: Website

Brothers Hildebrant: Website

Bob Eggleton: Website

Jerry Vanderstelt: Website

Ruth Thompson: Website

Jeff Easley: Website

Mark Harrison: Website

Dragon Battle Art

Jeff Easley: Website

Chris Appel: Website

Steve Read: Website

Rego: [contact me to share website info]

Burt Muller: [contact me if you have website + info]

Clyde Caldwell: Website

el-grimlock / Maurico Herrera: Website

Dwayne Harris: Website

Julie M. Prus: Website

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