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Frozen Ice Dragon, Romania

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Ice dragon

This was kindly sent to me via email by Greg in December '04. It is of a dragon found frozen in ice in a cave in Romania.

Update: This was featured on an amazing production by Discovery Channel entitled Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real.

It was previously released as The Last Dragon (2004).

It's an intelligent fantasy rooted in the natural world, built on credible science that uses state-of-the-art CGI to bring the legend to life.

Also Known As:

The Last Dragon (UK / USA)

Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real USA (DVD title)

Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real USA

IMDb website: The Last Dragon

Magical productions aside, it may be a little letdown if you were hoping this was actually a real dragon.

But personally...I think a real dragon would be less careless with leaving their fossilized remains behind on planet Earth, for us mortals to wander upon and "discover"...

Discovery Website: Animal Planet - Dragons