Dragon Poems, Part 9


Part 9 of the collection of dragon poems from the old website.


  • Tear for Hong Kong by Griffin109
  • The Dragon by Kalarei Al’Nimithia
  • The Dragon by Martin P.R. Jordan a.k.a The Wizard
  • The Dragon’s Curse by Nick Toczek
  • The Dragon’s Song by Silverdragen

In this post, we feature the poems of Griff, Kalarei, Martin P.R. Jordan, Nick Toczek, and Silverdragen.

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1. Tear for Hong Kong

Look, child at the fireworks.
11:59 – think your last free thought!
pray your last prayer
sing your last song
The Dragon King sleeps
in his undersea palace:
Our Last Hope.
Under the waves
the Emperor sleeps –
For he will come again.
Sleep, and dream your last dream.
They can never get you there.

~ © Griffin109
From: Dragons’ Orb

2. The Dragon

Thunder roared and clashed
Lightning tore the sky
The obsidian Dragon rose to the heavens
Roaring a greeting to the demons

Its eyes were fiery red
Its gaze as deadly as flame
Cruel spikes adorned its back
And Talons raked the air

Scales shimmered as it caught the lightning
Secreting its wisdom of a thousand years
The treasures it kept,
The thieves and evil it killed

Flames were thrown
Burning the clouds
Bringing down the rain

The dragon screamed once,
And faded off into the night
Never to be seen again

~ © Kalarei Al’Nimithia

Homepage: Lady Kalarei

3. The Dragon

He licks the Yellow custard
From the dead dog’s eye.
He feeds upon the maggots
that in its stomach lie.
He breaths a cursed fire
that scorches mans desire
And crushes little children ’til they cry.

His jaws are dripping wet
With the slime of mortal sin.
He acknowledges the world
through a black toothed grin.
The slime is dripping down
Upon the hallow ground
And the smell of death to cover where he’s been

His eyes like glassy beads
Stare through the soul of man.
And see their lives in destitution
As only evil can.
He has the smell of death
Upon his rancid breath
This has been his way since time began.

~ © Martin P.R. Jordan a.k.a The Wizard

Bio: Martin is a Psychic Medium, hypnotherapist, and singer / songwriter.

Website: Psychic Living

4. The Dragon’s Curse

Enter darkness. Leave the light.
Here be nightmare. Here be fright.
Here be dragon, flame and flight.
Here be spit-fire. Here be grief.
So curse the bones of unbelief.
Curse the creeping treasure-thief.
Curse much worse the dragon-slayer.
Curse his purse and curse his payer.
Curse these words. Preserve their sayer.
Earth and water, fire and air.
Prepare to meet a creature rare.
Enter, now, if you dare.
Enter, now… the dragon’s lair!

~ © Nick Toczek

Bio: Nick Toczek is a British writer and performer. He was born in Yorkshire in 1950. He has done over fifty thousand presentations and performances, has worked in more than forty countries, published over forty books, and has never had a ‘proper job’.


5. The Dragon’s Song

The stars
do you see them?
They are so beautiful
They live in my heart

The heart of a dragon.

The wind
Can you feel it?
It’s song flows beneath my wings
As I fly away from you
In my sorrow

On the wings of a dragon

The trees
Can you smell them?
You were raised among their scent of life
One day you will return to them
And to me
That is my hope

The hope of a dragon

My cry
Can you hear it?
My pain fills the skies
I considered you no less than daughter
In all but blood you were my own
But now we must part
And you must forget
But I will remember
I will cry tears for us both

The tears of a dragon

One day

When evil is vanquished
You will come
and dry them
I pray

The prayer of a dragon

~ © Silverdragen

By Jess

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