Singapore Dragons

Thanks to a reader for sending in a pic!

This is a photo of a “dragons around the world” poster spotted at Ang Mo Kio library in Singapore, kindly sent in by Pheng (who previously shared a Leviathan artwork).

For some arcane reason, this was actually placed in a toilet cubicle. I must say it makes for interesting reading while in the restroom, but I assumed it would’ve been on the wall of a corridor.

Dragon poster at AMK library, Singapore | Photo by Pheng

This “dragons in Singapore” post was in my drafts for quite a while.

I had even saved a whole bunch of photos about Singapore dragons in the past, that I can’t find at the moment.

They must be on a hard drive or my old (and very slow…) PC.

For now, here’s a YouTube of an old dragons exhibit at the Singapore Zoo in late 2018.

Looks exhilarating!

My sites are in a bit of a mess right now, as I started getting back into some creative writing earlier this year.

I’m pleased to announce that my debut poetry chapbook is out in the world.

I’ve been juggling multiple hobbies in my spare time, and making slow but steady progress regarding occasional speech anxiety when it comes to career and professional development.

I will add to and update this post once I’m able to locate some of those old pictures.

In the meantime, if you’re from Singapore or a visitor who spotted some dragon-related artifacts, send them over to me and I’ll add to this post 🙂