Dragon Haiku


Haiku poems about dragons, by Jess of Dragonsinn.

I’ll try to write new ones once this website transfer is over (big project!!).


1. Chemical Brothers

Of the same flesh and
blood. Immortality
is their Destiny.

2. Superlative

The day I flew with
The dragon was the day I
Became Excellence.

3. White Claw

A pint of dragon’s
blood and a claw – if you can
get them: Youth is Yours.

4. Here We Go

Dive from a hundred
Feet, from heaven to the ground
in Less than Zero.

5. How Does It Feel?

To be perceived to
Not exist, by humans that
Must at least taste good…

6. Tea With The Black Dragon

Is the answer in
the tea leaves, or the eyes of
Your draconic host?

7. The Dragon as Venus

The cool, seductive
Icy gaze belies the heart’s
Ferocious fire.

8. The Tattooed Girl

Kimono slipping
off her white shoulders to bare
her dragon backpiece.

9. -Love-

Physical distance
Is nothing a wide wingspan
Couldn’t overcome.

10. The End of the Millenium

The first crack appears,
He will soon have his first breath
Of shocking fresh air.


Note: Deep Purple and NEW ORDER influenced!!

1. Green Dragon:

Guarding your forests,
Waiting, observing, taking
Down lurking hunters.

2. Mist Dragon

Seeing all, drifting
Unseen, silent as air – she
Knows the world’s secrets.

3. Fireball

Unless you want to
Be snuffed out like a candle
flame – don’t anger him.

4. The Midgard Serpent

Devours itself,
In an eternal cycle
Of self-renewal.

5. Courtesan

Oh, she’ll have her way
With you, have you for dinner,
Then spit your bones out.

6. Smoke on the Water

A thin trail of grey
Smoke lingers above the lake,
As he star-gazes.

7. Crystal

Scales glistening like
Crystal; multi-shaded hues
Like a prism beam.

8. YinYang

A purple scent that’s
Made of 2 parts heart’s blood, and
2 parts dragon’s blood.

9. Regret

She has no regrets
Living her life of combat,
Valor, and hoarding.

10. Viking Longship

From yonder o’er
The high seas, fast encroaching:
Here Come The Dragons.

~ © Jess @ Dragonsinn | 2007-2008

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By Jess

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. She's been the keeper of Dragonsinn since 1999. She works in the online writing/editing field and enjoys yoga, reading, and design. Join Dragon Mail for printable welcome gifts, giveaways, and a healthy dose of dragon inspiration!