Dragons in Fashion Design – June 2021


Last month’s theme was on jade dragons — this month features dragons in gorgeous fashion design.

Header image from a dress by Balmain.

Dragon Quote of the Month:

“To me, fashion is not a price tag or a brand but a pair of wings that I put on in order to show you my real colors.”
~ G-Dragon (South Korean artiste, whose real name “Ji-Yong” includes the Korean word for “Dragon”)


I got my second dose vaccine in towards the end of June. I was like a zombie the day after…

This Site Just Turned 22

The site was first launched close to the start of summer in 1999.

I wrote a “22 life lessons” website anniversary post to reflect on some of the ways I’ve learned about wisdom and success over the years 🙂

Dragons in Fashion Design (High Fashion)

fashion design dragons

I’ve never been one to spend a lot on designer goods, but I do enjoy admiring the artistry behind certain pieces.

The dragon can be spotted on and off the catwalk, so here are a few high fashion images featuring the dragon.

I’m thinking of doing a dragon “street fashion” post some time in future (looking at you, Tokyo Fashion!).

1. Vogue 1923 Cover

This is a short but interesting article by Vogue, where the writer has collected photos of the Chinese dragon from imperial robes to the Met Gala red carpet.

Vogue February 1923 Cover. Illustrated by George Wolfe Plank.

2. Roberto Cavalli Porcelain Dragon Dress

This is from a nice article by University of Fashion on the evolution of dragons in fashion.

Check out the original post for a good selection of dragon motifs by designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin.

Satin evening dress by Roberto Cavalli Fall 2005 ready-to-wear collection (Photo Credit: Vogue)

3. Justin Bieber in Balmain

For his first Met Gala appearance in 2015, Justin Bieber wore a tuxedo with gold dragon-embroidered velvet jacket, which took a month to make.

Justin Bieber, in Balmain at the Met Gala. Photo: Courtesy of Kakore Ayuk / @_keke_kk via Vogue

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing said of the design: “It’s about exclusivity, unique craftsmanship, and richness. We have to keep it chic and exclusive in the embroidery and the fabric, as well as emblematic of the power, the fantasy, and the dream.”


4. Gucci Military Jacket

Military jackets always remind me of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

Here’s one by Gucci that’s made in Italy with military influenced red collar pointed appliqué on the front and an embroidered dragon appliqué on the back.

Dragon-Embroidered Washed-Cotton Field Jacket via Gucci

5. G-Dragon with Dragon Microphone

I noticed G-Dragon’s consistently unique look and sense of style when Big Bang first entered the K-Pop scene many years ago.

He’s well-known as a fashion king (follow that link for a look at his range and influence via

G-Dragon @ KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook via BigBangWorld

I don’t see dragon microphones often, so I had to include this here!

6. “Miss Universe China” Dress by Guo Pei

This is one of the many legendary designs by Beijing-born designer, Guo Pei.

Couture Golden Dragon gown by Guo Pei. For “Miss Universe China” Jin Ye, National Costume, in 2013. Via Nick Verrreos.

This was an outstanding piece and I could stare at all the flawless details for hours.

7. Dragon Fishnet Dress by Balmain

I love the colors and detail in this short dress by Balmain!

The high collar and cinched waist give it a very structured look. The dragon embroidery is features pearls and sequins.

Detail of short dragon dress by Balmain

8. Japanese Hawk / Dragon Reversible Jacket

Vintage Japanese Reversible Sukajan, Hawks and Dragons by Kiriko

Here’s another special creation, which is a replica of 1950s Japanese Souvenir Jackets.

One side features a hawk motif while the other side features dragon motifs and a sweet map of lovely Japan. They’re made to be worn, loved, and handed down with pride.

9. Video on “Legend of The Dragon” Fashion Design Show

This is the “Legend Of The Dragon” couture fashion show by Guo Pei in China.

I don’t know why Irish music plays in the video (?), but the models walk at a good (slow) pace so that we can all admire the details in the creations.

10. See You Next Month

Thanks for coming by for these amazing creations in another issue of Dragonsinn Magazine.

July’s theme could be on dragon stamps. I used to collect stamps with my grandfather long ago and it was always fun to view all the different designs.

I’ll be having a busier-than-usual July and will try to get the ezine out on time. It’s been nice to stick to the schedule and make monthly updates for the earlier half of this year.

Looking forward to seeing you next month!

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