Dragons Around the Home – Jan 2020 Ezine


As mentioned in the monthly themes update, here’s the inaugural “dragons around the home” issue of our ezine!


Theme: “Dragons Around the Home”

I’ve moved around quite a bit over my three decades on the planet so far. My growing up years were spent in Singapore, and I’ve lived in Maine and Florida since then.

I like collecting dragon items as they give such a great energy to the home. Of course, they’re nice to look at as well.

This sometimes clashes with my interest in living a (semi) minimalist lifestyle, so I try to be selective of what I own 😉

Dragon 3D Poster

I moved last year and STILL haven’t put up some of the artwork I previously had on the wall in my former residence (a cute condo in FL).

I’m thinking of hanging this poster on one of the walls in my home office. Possibly right above my desk so that I can easily look at it during the day.

There are two images in this 3D dragon poster — the image changes depending on whether you’re looking at it from the right or left side.

dragon_3d_1 dragon_home

Is there one picture you prefer over the other? I initially liked the second purple/yellow one more due to its relaxing hues, but nowadays I can appreciate the vibrancy of the other image too.

This poster was purchased about 10-13 years ago during a trip to Chinatown Toronto.

Haven’t been there in a while…time to make another trip soon!

* Side Note: My illustrator sister lives in Canada and you can check out her gorgeous art on her website.

Dragon Fish Tank Ornament

In online “fish tank adventures,” here’s a marvelous 5-gallon tank setup by reddit user jlamms34.

jlamms34 describes the dragon as “keeping the bad vibes out all while doubling as an aerator Renaissance dragon.”

Fish tank by by reddit user jlamms34.

I have a 5-gallon tank at home. It’s clean but it could do with more intricate landscaping!

I’ve seen some dragon fish tank ornaments online and might get one in future. Preferably one with less paint on it so that there are few chemicals that could affect the water quality and fishie’s health.

* Side Note: Shoutout to r/Aquariums, a beautiful forum that’s great to stalk if you’re interested in aquariums and keeping fish as pets. There’s also r/ShittyAquariums for what NOT to do when you have a fish tank…

Dragon Pendants

I got these online many years ago. One hangs on the door of my home office.

I got these from an online new age store (current link doesn’t seem to be working; will update if/when it does).

I believe I collected some information on Chinese dragons and phoenixes on the old site html pages. They should appear under the articles category once I’ve transferred or set up the correct redirects.


The one on the left reminded me of Lara Croft’s necklace.

Me dressed as Lara Croft, woo-hoo! Throwback photo from 2013.

I haven’t played many video games as an adult due to the hundred and one things I’m always up to.

BUT I will always remember the joy of playing the original Tomb Raider as well as the anniversary version (!!).

If I ever had the opportunity to live life as a video game character, my choice would almost certainly always be Lara Croft. She embodies many qualities that I admire.

I was delighted to read about Lara Croft’s jade necklace that was featured in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and how it “embodies her spirit of adventure.”

TY Beanie Dragon – Turquoise

Aww…aren’t these cute?

Moving on to some of my small collections at home, this is a turquoise dragon with scales that have a deep violet sheen.

My small TY collection includes a Halloween bat and a couple of cats.


Very pretty colors and the cuteness overload brings a smile onto most people’s faces.

These TY beanies can be found on Amazon and other places online. I believe I got mine from a crafts store somewhere near where I live in FL.

Dragon Home Poster


I have a variation of this Dungeons and Dragons grid poster, which I purchased from Walmart.

I remember rolling it up carefully the last time I moved. Hopefully I won’t be moving again anytime soon…which means I’ve got to find a nice spot at home to display this handsome poster.

I have some other dragon items around my home that I will save for future blog posts or ezine issues.

Dragon Antique Japanese Chair

As for fine Asian art…I came across this on Pinterest.

It’s a beautifully carved throne chair from the Meiji period (1867-1912) with a height of 52.5″, from the Zentner Gallery in California.

Dragon throne chair on Zentner

You might also want to view the imperial dynasty empress dragon chair from a previous post.

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