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Three poems by Nipaporn Baldwin on her space dragons from The Society on Da Run.


  • Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve
  • Joyous Dragons/Ghosts of Draconizica
  • Pensione Paura ~DragonWorld ETC~

Introduction: As they decimate our armies and build their cities, we search the wreckage for the truth: are they our allies or enemies?

Follow the adventures of Unknown Girl, a woman looking for her mother in a post-Dragon War world, and Ashuton Karrucci, the god of dragons.

Learn about the space dragons and their culture, songs, cities, ships, weapons, breeds, leaders and Gods. Learn their languages and the history of their empire. These stories kill the stereotypical tropes associated with Dragons and the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre itself.

1. Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Only after did she realize she was human
Only after did she truly realize she wasn’t
Of all the things the girl knew, being human wasn’t one of them

She sat in the room and recollected memories
The end of the world was going on right outside her window
Dragons were attacking from space
Dragons with weapons, fire, technology and speech
She softly stroked his head and whispered, “it will be over, soon.”
But the man did not understand

They were from two worlds
He was Italian and she was English
He was human, she was dragon-human with a computer inside her
Only one thing they both agreed on: they needed each-other
There is a war going on, a war that no eyes will believe
She let a tear fall from her eyes
A tear, yes-a tear-giving notice that computers cry

Claud, io ti tenere fino a quando questo mondo finisce.
Claudio, I will forever hold you until this world ends.

~ © Nipaporn Baldwin

Joyous Dragons/Ghosts of Draconizica

Poet’s Note #1: The language in the poem is written in a dragon language made specially for the space dragons.

Poet’s Note #2: The poem is sung in Hymnody (Hynnost, Hynn), one of the eight dragon languages. Nowadays Hymnody is considered a dead language.


Mou? Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
Hymn frêiden los vou.
Syaà finto esp

Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
(I thought you were sad.)

Vix lòusmên vos ken estress
(I thought you were happy)

Dracon, lòusmên lui kan estress
(Dragon? thought he was in distress)

Kushêv el Nary
(Nope, not always)

Syaà, vos Dra
(When, like always?)

Dracon, lòusmên lui cou ferra
(Dragon? I thought he would come back)

Dracon, lòusmên lui fe hommus
(Dragon? I thought he would be Home)

Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
(I thought you were sad.)

Vix lòusmên vos ken estress
(I thought you were happy)

Dracon, lòusmên lui kan estress
(Dragon? thought he was in distress)

Zeria, felt wan


(Veltica’s Part): To this world you flew
to this scorched world you flew
To this land with no dominion
To this land with no name
Here you part: in twos and threes
Here you part: each carrying yourself
You wash up the oceans
And the canaries of the sky
And to here you reach out with a Wyvern’s breath
And sprout arms and legs
Here you part: a descendant of the birds, not the serpents
Here, you squawk: as a Dragon
As a Cicada
With your low, gutteral moan
Or high pitch calling

(Canman’s Part): This world knows no bounds
And by that it must be punished
Speak up, little boy
Don’t let them push us around
We are the visions in your sleep
The voices overlapping in your mind
The projectors of television inside your head
You owe it to us, your dragons and your castoffs
You owe it to us that this world be recreated
For a simpler life
Can’t you hear them?
Our sisters and brothers
Our Mother, your Other, Almamater
She’s calling you only
With her timid wishes

(Zachanon’s Part): The fires are swift
the waters are suffocating
Rise from sleep, young bird of the flames
Take back what is ours
The purity of all Dragon-kind
Blow away the cities with your cold breath
Release the swarm of dragons with your Awakening
Come home to where you belong
Don’t stay closed in
Destroy all they wish to pollute with their laziness
Become one with Mother Earth, be her guardian
Her protector
And let us live free with the trees

(Lementia’s Part): Lin lòusmêna lar Whorres
Lin lòusmêna lar Draghi
Lin lòusmêna lar Escart
Lin lòusmêna lar Envelist
Lin lòusmêna lar Curisten
Lui Syaa lar Fruitis
Lui Syaa lar Esperr

Warr ol’ arie shel Dracona

(Lemetia’s Part Translated):
(We think of Whores)
(we think of Drazors)
(we think of Transportation)
(we think of entitlement)
(we think of creation)
(we love their poison-fruit)
(we love their whispers)

(I am the Sin therein of your ancient Dragons)

And here, you come alive:
As a Vessel of souls

~ © Nipaporn Baldwin

3. Pensione Paura ~DragonWorld ETC~

Come! You females in your corsets
You Dragons with your spiked horns
Come! You men with your long coats
You peasants with your rags
Rich and poor mix mindlessly in this one night affair
To sit down and watch a play unfold
This is how I tell it
This is how you will unknowingly see it

Rise! You women with your fluttering hand-fans
You teenaged girls with your wine and fancy dresses
Pray you’ll all still be virgins at the end
Rise! You men with your canes, good/fair looks and dialect
You young boys with mischievous ways and pass-fail attempts at flattering a girl
Pray tell you’ll be my watchful listeners and make sure everyone is okay
This is how I see it:
A mixture of skin tones and colors

Come over here, you sweet dragons
Big, small, long with spikes, slender with boney ribs
Step this way little dragon
Fish-finned crown, drapery for wings, chirps and tweets for words
The humans are stuck in this Dragonworld
Rich and poor are forced to sit side by side
And watch eternally as we put on plays

It pays more than a film of moving pictures!
True formed human plays is always the best type of entertainment

~ © Nipaporn Baldwin

AUTHOR BIO:  Ms. Baldwin is a poetess who likes to write about Space Dragons. Her stories are mostly flash fiction, short stories and poetry. She dreams of one day having her own panel at Comic Con where she can do book signings and talk about the world she created.


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