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.. Website History..

It started back in June 1999, with Dragonsinn [http://dragonsinn.8m.com].

I bought the domain Dragonsinn.info in April 2003.
Then I left school and was a bit of a wandering nomad.
Apologies for the site's dormancy during that time.

So, as of Oct '06, hello to version 3 of Dragonsinn!

99-02: Site
1999-2002: My first 7-page website.
Created with Web Studio.

03-05: Site
2003-05 : Site

Logo: Steadily guarding Dragonsinn since .info days.

Pet Name: DopeDude

dopedude vs: mouse
This is how the original scribble looked like.

dopedude 2

Site 3.0 created using: Dreamweaver 4.0, Photoshop 7.

Info/Verses/Visuals Graphics: Microsoft Clipart
© 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Web Hosting =):

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.. Me ..


Name: Jess C Scott

I got hooked onto fantasy stuff: In 1994, when I was 7+. My mum gave me a King Arthur book. I read a book called Robin of Sherwood the year after that by Michael Morpurgo. The rest is history.

robin hood

Why Dragons?: I wanted to make a website when I was 12, and what better subject than dragons? ;)
10 years (and many sites/blogs) down the road, I look back and am really glad of where I started out from.

To me, the dragon is: Freedom & forever.
Power, grace, strength, passion, focus, intelligence...

the queen
My lovely adopted stray cat for a few years.

tender is the knight
A beautiful collectible by Andrew Bill!

Zodiac: Virgo (Western), Tiger (Eastern)

More Info:
Jess C Scott (personal bio)

Facebook Page



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