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What Dragons Mean To You

What is "the dragon"? What does the dragon mean to you?
When did you first fall in love with dragons?
The questions are endless :)

P.S. Please contact me if you have something to add/share.
All (pro-dragon) statements allowed.

P.P.S. If you want stuff for your blog/site, I've some things on the support page.

* * *

To me, the dragon is:

1. Eternity & immortality.
Power, grace, freedom, strength, intelligence...
~ Jess
website: Dragonsinn.net

2. Dragons are Forever [take that, De Beers!].


[full size] artist: Peter Pracownik

As a dragon lover, I:

1. Seem to have a special affinity towards
cats. I'm not sure whether it's the same the
other way around. Must be those cat-eyes...

2. Can be a fanatical person.
Which is a good thing, when channeled correctly :D.

3. Can truly appreciate culture.
Culture of all sorts, round the world. So perhaps to
improve international relations, the whole subject of
dragons/dragonlore should be implemented into school
curriculums [and maybe I'd enjoy attending school for once!].

4. Dream. A lot. Very vividly.

Dragon lovers:

1. Dragon lovers love tattoos. Or at least, they
aren't adverse to them.

2. Dragon lovers are hotttttttttt.

3. Dragon lovers are highly intelligent and gifted beings.

4. Dragon lovers love music. The genre doesn't matter so much so as the interest/enjoyment in
listening to or making music.

5. Dragon lovers are spiritual and rather philosophical.

Your Contributions:

"Dragons are us. They're that great mysterious beast that is ourselves, projected large. They represent everything we can be: all powerful; treacherous; avaricious for gold; thirsty for blood; gentle; eternally patient; guardians of good. They're us on a god-like scale, where we can stand back and see ourselves and be awed."
-- Kate Walker, award-winning author of The Dragon of Mith

* * *

"A dragon that does not give its heart wings will never fly."
-- Jessica aka Dimmae [website visitor / member of Istaria (a MMORPG featuring dragons!)]