Jade Dragons – May 2021

Admire jade dragons in the form of jewelry, carvings, screenshots and artwork, and a couple of locations named after the jade dragon.

Dragon Infographics

Collection of dragon infographics that can be found on the site. Learn about Japanese dragons, dragon facts, types of dragons, and more.

Poem: A Dragon’s Life

Poem by Colin L. – A Dragon’s Life. “Dragon, dragon, from the womb, Comes the tiny egg-shelled doom. When sun’s rays give warmth and. . .”

Famous Western Dragons

Famous Western dragons include St. George and the Dragon (English), the Vouivre (French), hydra (Greek), and the Jormungand (Norse).

Middle Eastern Dragons

Famous middle eastern dragons and their history. Includes famous Babylonian, Canaanite, Hebrew, Egyptian, and Iranian dragons.