Dragon Haiku

Haiku poems about dragons, by Jess of Dragonsinn. I’ll try to write new ones once this website transfer is over (big project!!).

Very Short Dragon Stories

Here are three very short dragon stories. Head over to our contact page if you have a story to contribute 🙂 Art in header image by Luis Royo. Stories: The Ice Dragon, by George R.R. Martin The Boy Who Played With Fire, by Jess The Tangle Box, by Terry Brooks

Dragon Poems: Piety, The Steeple

Second collection of dragon-themed poetry written about a decade ago, by Jess @ Header artwork by Daniel Kvasznicza Poems by Jess Chua The Steeple Death Dragoness Dragons of Ice Guardians Piety

USPS Dragon Stamps

When I received the USPS Philatelic Catalog (Fall 2018 issue), it really made me smile!

Categorized as Dragon Art

Space Dragons – Poems

Three poems by Nipaporn Baldwin on her space dragons from The Society on Da Run. Poems: Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve Joyous Dragons/Ghosts of Draconizica Pensione Paura ~DragonWorld ETC~ Introduction: As they decimate our armies and build their cities, we search the wreckage for the truth: are they our allies or enemies?

Question about Swiss Dragons

Hi all, Today’s post is from an email from a reader / site visitor who lives in Japan. If you have any information about the Swiss legend or books which mention it, please contact me so that I can update this post.

Leviathan, Dragon Bible Verses

Leviathan summary, short history, and biblical verses. The great sea monster was said to have existed from the fifth day of creation.