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Amphiptere Facts

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1. An amphiptere resembles a large snake with two feathered wings, but with a dragon's head

2. They are the most serpent-like dragons; they have no legs

3. Related to the wyvern

4. Also known as jaculus, and javelin-snake

5. The Henham [Essex, England] Amphiptere was as thick as a man's leg and was about 9 feet [3 m] long

6. Had two tongues - one normal, the other shaped like an arrow

7. Villagers managed to shoo it simply by hurling a few stones and farming tools at it [wasn't it a nice fellow]

Quetzalcoatl tatt

[full size] Tattoo of the Quetzalcoatl, modelled after an ancient stone carving

8. The Arabian Amphiptere lives in treetops, mainly the frankincense trees of Arabia

9. If an animal comes too close to the trees, the amphiptere falls backwards from high in the branches and stabs the animal with its barbed tail

10. This causes death to most animals, including humans

11. The Quetzalcoatl was a kind of Amphiptere

12. The Quetzalcoatl was a feathered snake god dating as far back as the Mayan culture of Mexico [500 B.C - A.D. 900]

13. Also known as a dragon-being who created the fifth cycle of mankind by using ancestral ashes and bones to create the human body

14. Was conceived after his mother swallowed a piece of jade

15. Aztec, Toltec and Middle American legends also attribute him with being the son of the virgin goddess Coatlicue

16. The god was a symbol of wisdom, life and the wind

17. In dragon form, the quetzacoatl was a magnificent sky dragon that streaked across the sky in resplendent emerald plumes

18. It was actually identified by zoologists as being a mythological fusion of a serpent and quetzal bird

Quetzal bird

Quetzal bird pix from A.P.A

Quetzal coin
The quetzal is in this coin

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